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Hello world. I’m Gaston Serpenti. Digital Creative Director and Micropreneur with over 12 years of experience in advertising and start-ups. I’ve had the privilege to have worked with and for some of the most innovative brands, agencies and people in the world. Although I'm digitally minded, I’ve created integrated campaigns, tv commercials, games, mobile experiences, products and future concepts for global brands like Nike, Converse, KLM, Diageo, Fox and Heinz. I've been rewarded with over 30 awards and honors, including Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Webby, FWA, ADC, Contagious, SpinAwards and Emerce.

Before setting up my freelance practice, I was Digital Creative Director at Anomaly and Founder, Partner and Creative Director of Boondoggle, Digital Agency of the Year 2011. I started my career as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and secured a $500k investment with my first start-up in 2004, age 21. During that time I also worked as a Producer of EDM, with my tracks being licensed on compilations across the globe. Nowadays you can book me for freelance or interim gigs to create amazing digital work for your agency, brand or start-up.


With Serpenti & Company I mostly work alone, but if needed, I can bring in some friends from a close collective of amazing talent I’ve met over the years. Services include, but are not limited to (1) Digital Creative Direction, (2) Concept Development for Digital Brand Campaigns, (3) Branded Products, (4) Services and (5) Platforms. I'm always focussed on connecting digital work with the heart of the brand, creating an ecosystem of storytelling and searching for PR value. Where possible I like to inject some product and service thinking into campaigns to deliver some real value in people's lives.

Products + Services

Besides my advertising work for global brands and agencies I founded a few micro companies that are product and service based. These micro companies provide me with a learning environment to test and develop ideas for lean entrepreneurial-ship and innovation. Goal is to turn these micro companies into ventures which are small, but make profit and solve problems within the creative domain. They also improve the creative methods I use for the work I’m creating for my clients. You can follow everything that’s happening around these lean start-ups on the blog.


Awards & Honors


    Advertising, Marketing & PR, Airliners, Airports, Alcoholic Beverages, Apparel, Automotive, Banking, Clothing and Retail, E-commerce and Internet Businesses, Energy, Food and Diary Products, National and European Government, Media and Entertainment, Non-Profits, Pharmaceuticals, Radio and Television Broadcasters, Telecommunications, Travel Services, Universities.


    "Gaston is a Global Thinker over-achieving on the Market Stage. An eye and gut for creativity, supported by a well-endowed head for business. Hands on leader, who will not put your coffee cup in the dishwasher for you, but will show you how to turn it on. Relationship gardener. Communications crafter. Unconventional path-galloper. Digital believer. Really, really, annoyingly nice guy. Really.”
    Carlos Furnari, Writer, Creative Director, W+K, 180, 72andSunny.


The overview

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Selected projects

Some Big Ones

  • Nike Running Take Mokum

    Problem: Revamp the Nike running brand with youngsters. Solution: Let them draw graffiti on an city map of Amsterdam via Nike+ KM's. Incl. a Nike pop-up Run House, Guerilla Posters and Events.

  • KLM Surprise

    Problem: Make flying a little less boring. Solution: Hand out personlized gifts based on social media profiles and see if the message spreads. Over 1,000,000 direct hits on Twitter.

  • Nike Football+ Challenge

    Problem: Engage with a young spoiled football audience. Solution: Offer them to stand in Wesley Sneijders shoes through a series of challenges ending at the Inter Milan training grounds.

Some Interactive Experiences

  • Converse Street Ready

    Problem: Introduce the new Pro Leather Vulc to a time heavy, cash poor audience. Solution: Let them explore the coolest city blocks in Europe via Google Maps and pick up some awesome stuff along the way.

  • Heinz First Harvest

    Problem: Show that Heinz First Harvest is the premium ketchup and made from the best tomatoes. Solution: Track the growth of your First Harvest plant in Portugal. Live and weather connected.

  • Converse Star Street

    Problem: Introduce the Star Street sneaker to a mobile generation as a sneaker that's made to break out. Solution: A multiplayer turn-by-turn app in a mobile browser to break out on the streets of Europe.

Some Platforms

  • Heinz Ketchup Global Site

    Problem: An unconsistent tone of voice and visual language of Heinz Ketchup in Europe. Solution: A cohesive, socially connected global platform. Implemented in over 12 countries accross the globe.

  • Nike iD on Facebook

    Problem: Enhance the use of NikeiD through Facebook for Football Footwear. Solution: A design contest driven by the introduction of the Mercurial Vapor VI promoted by Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner.

  • Rabobank Future Banking

    Problem: Show what the future of Internet Banking could look like. Solution: A fully responsive concept introducing huge visuals, easy interface and completely new user interactions.

Some films

  • The Alpro Soy Experiment

    Problem: Men don't like to eat soy, so women don't buy it. Solution: Set up an experiment to prove we could get real Italian men from Bologna to eat a soy based Spaghetti Bolognese without them noticing.

  • Nike Football Bloed Oranje

    Problem: The Dutch National Team reached the World Cup finals. We quickly needed a TVC. Solution: Based on Sneijder material I shot before, a Bleed Orange script was written and edited to fit. Thanks Carlos Furnari.

  • Nike Running Don't Think Run

    Problem: Show that with the new Nike running shoes, you don't need an excuse to make a run. Solution: Sick scenes you just had to get out off. A woman with a man hand for example. The films you're not allowed to see.

Products & Services



The Project

A product that's initiated to be a global stage for awesome photography talent and at the same time offer a great way for people to collect affordable art. The art is tiny, exclusive, handpicked for every edition and shipped monthly. In development.

Pitch Me Work


The Project

A service that aims to connect great, talented agencies and communication specialists in need of them. With this service, the time needed for a Request For Information is cut from weeks to hours. A discovery and selection tool for marketeers, a new bizz generator for agencies. In development.


If you have an crazy project, don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch. I love a good chat and meet amazing people. Let's start something together.




+31 (0)6 2030 6514


Plantage Middenlaan 32 I+II
1018 DG, Amsterdam Netherlands

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